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Cars By Andy is a small business which focus is to sell repairable vehicles at an affordable price.  It is owned and solely operated by Andrew DeCock (Andy).  It is like a family business as my dad, owner of Doug’s Auto in Lamberton, MN, has been doing repairables for over 30 years.  I am proud to have been able to learn and have the chance to follow what he has started, only here in Cokato, MN.

I strive to have lower mileage, easy damage vehicles that with a little effort and time and will save a customer money.  Almost all my vehicles do have a salvage title but with over 15 years of experience, I can help ease the worry of fixing the vehicle, locating the parts and overall enjoying the benefits of a repairable vehicle.

One of my many sayings is “Buy what you like and what you are comfortable with.”  I try to have a no pressure feel and give the most accurate and honest options to every customer. I hope they are truly satisfied with their experience and know that I will see them again.

Other Helpful Links 

Please Check out Doug’s Auto in Lamberton, MN for more repairable vehicles.  They carry similiar vehicles and also more SUV’s and Trucks.

To find parts, use Car-Part which is the best source for used auto parts.

For vehicle values, I find that NADA or Kelly Blue Book are easy to use and helpful.

Coming In

2015 Ford Explorer XLT (Gray) 3.5L, Left Side Dmg, 51-k $

2014 Ford Fusion SE (White) 2.5L, Left Front Dmg, 83-k $

2013 Subaru Legacy (Silver) 2.5L, Easy Front Dmg, 88-k $

2011 Ford Fusion SE (Blue) 2.5L, Front Dmg, 61-k $

2009 Lincoln MKZ (Gold) 3.5L, FWD, Rear Dmg, 60-k $

New Arrivals

2017 Ford Fusion SE (Tan) 2.5L, Light Rear Dmg, 80-k $7995

2017 Fiat 500 POP (Black) 1.4L, Right Side Dmg, 29-k $

2015 Ford Fusion SE (Maroon) 1.5L, Right Side Dmg, 33-k $

2014 Ford Flex SEL (Black) 3.5L, AWD, Left Side Dmg, 55-k $7995

2014 Ford Fusion SE (Black) 2.0L Left Side Dmg, 48-k $

2013 Lincoln MKZ (Maroon) 3.7L, AWD, Rear Dmg, 92-k $6495

2013 Ford Fusion SE (White) 2.0L, Easy Rear Dmg, 68-k $6995

2012 Buick Verano (White) 2.4L, Left And Right Side Dmg, 50-k $

2012 Buick Enclave (White) 3.6L, AWD, Rear Dmg, have Parts in Color, 90-k $

2011 Ford Fusion SEL (Gray) 2.5L, Right and Left Front Dmg, 82-k $2950

2008 Ford Edge SEL (White) 3.5L, AWD, Left Rear Dmg, 114-k $

2007 Mercury Milan (Silver) 2.3L, Left Side Dmg, 72-k $2750

Cars By Andy is located about an hour West of the Twin Cities and 45 minutes South of St. Cloud in Cokato, MN.

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